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Wooden Boxes

Bunches of boxes, including the one I made when I first learned to carve.  My daughter still thinks its pretty cool.
Two Cubs getting some Honey. - Black walnut door in a oak box.  Carved sometime before 1975.

This was the first real carving I did.  I was able to live with a carver for a week and this is what he taught me.  

We spent the first day using chisels, but after that all the carving was done with a dremel tool.  Turned out to be the best tool for me to carve with.  I've been using one ever since for most of my carvings.
Black Walnut Bear Carving
Prong Horn Antelope on Walnut - Made this for my Dad.  He's kept it for 20-30 years.  Since Mom passed away, he's had to cut down on the clutter, so it came back to me.

The dowel on the side opens the box.
Prong Horrn Antelope on Walnut with Oak Frame
Knotty Oak Box- I was working in a custom furniture shop and ran across this knot in a board.  For some reason it appealed to me, and so it became the lid for a Jewlery box.   Oak Knot Hole Box
Fish Tail Oak Dovetail Jewlery box - Mother in Law bought me a dovetail jig for Christmas one year and this was the first test of the jig.  Not too bad for a first try.  

The box is Fish Tail Oak, and the top is ??? with a Wenge stripe.
Fish Tail Oak Jewlery box
Same box, open- If I was to do it over, I'd ajust the handle to more reflect the other side. Fish Tail Oak Box, Open
Turned Jewlery Box- Ash, with Paduke highlights.  My Daughter wanted me to make something for her.  I had a little ash and was able to turn this box for her.  This is the first lidded box I've done.  The top is a little looser than I'd like, but it works just fine.Fish Tail Oak Box, Open
Knitting Needle Box- Again, with the Fish Tail Oak and./
Another Knitting Needle Box- Gift for Mohter-in-Law