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Chuck Snyder Woodsmith

Craftsman who makes wood carvings, swords, wood turnings, bowls, wooden lamps & shade, toys, cremation urns, puns and most anything else that comes up.

The Three Legged Bowl - maple burl bowl made from locally grown wood in Oregon air dried for more than four years.

Other wooden bowls are made from madrone, black walnut, oak, maple, fishtail oak, paduke, monkey pod and others. Sizes range from 4 to 14 inches. Bowls have various finishes, including food sale. See wooden bowls.

Three Legged Maple Burl Bowl
Wooden Swords - sword blade made from wenge. The scabbard and handle is ash. Other swords and scabbards are made from a combination of fishtail oak and oak, as well as other wood combinations. Japanese Wooden Sword
Wooden Christmas Gifts- turned oak and black walnut ornaments, hand made Christmas tools, gift tools for working wood, kitchen utensils and other gifts I haven't thought of yet.