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Sail Boat Assembly Instructions

Sailboat Parts
Sailboat Parts:
  • Boat Body
  • DeckHouse
  • Keep
  • Pilot with Magnet in bottom
  • Stand sides, right and left (both the same)
  • Stand Divider
  • Mast
Image of the Completed Sailboat.
Completed Sailboat on Stand
Image of the Completed Sailboat.
Completed Sailboat Without Stand
Refering to the photo at the top, start by placing the cabin top on the boat with a little glue and Nailing in place. Be sure the mast hole is to the front of the boat.  Note the pre-drilled nail holes on top. 4 nails are needed.

Next get the 3 pieces for the Stand. Note at the bottom of the stand sides there are nail holes.

Also, note the divider is not square. The divider is deeper than it is wide....The divider is exactly the same thickness as the keel and will help hold the boat in place.  But, if the divider gets nailed in sideways, it really doesn't matter, it will still work just fine.

Image of the Completed Sailboat.

Once the stand is complete, put a litle glue in the mast hole and "Pound" the mast into place (this should be fun)

Lastly, the keel. This is a little tricky, but not bad, in fact easier than nailing.  There are slots on the bottom of the boat and the top of the keel.  Put some glue in both slots.  The oval piece is called a biscuit.  It goes into both slots and holds the pieces together.  Put a rubber band around the boat and the keel to hold it in place until the glue starts to set.  It should only take about 15 minutes to make a pretty good bond, and in 1/2 hour its pretty good.

Image of the Completed Sailboat.

Well, almost last. The boat should be sanded, maybe even before assembly.

At the stern (back for those that are not familiar with boats) drive in a nail to tie the sail to. There should be some strings at the back for attaching the sail to the boat. If not, you will have to imporvise. The sail just slides over the mast.

Finally, let the kids paint the boat whatever color and pattern they want.

Final note: There are a couple of boats that have the same rounding on the top and bottom. I thought they looked cool, and it took off a couple of knots. These are the really fast boats. Also, there are a couple that have slots on the top and bottom. This was a mistake on my part (sometimes I get going too fast for my own good). The cabin will cover it nicely. If anyone asks, its a secret compartment. In fact this could be a place for the kids to write out a secret and permanently cover it up, never to be seen again. Kinda lik the way Jesus treats our sins isn't it.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on making the instructions clearer please let me know, I'd really apperciate it.

Chuck Sndyer