Warrior Cats



Hi! Welcome to my site.

It is based on the warriors series by Erin Hunter.

Here's some advice.

Do your homework, then come online. (Don't get your Mom/Dad mad at you for not doing your homework before doing computer stuff)

I am starting over all the clans, names and such! I have an idea that should work very well so hold on to your hats! strap your seat belts! here is how it began!

Once, there was a clan called Brambleclan. They needed help; they were dieing out,  fast. The kits of the leader (whose name was Bramblestar) went to make clans of their own. hollywhisker gathered cats who longed for the best understanding of the warrior code; jayeyes gathered disabled cats and made their weaknesses strengths; lionpelt gathered cats willing to break the rules if they would follow what they believed right. this was the beginning of hollyclan, jayclan, and heatherclan.


Holly clan

Jay clan

Heather clan



Which one of Squirrelflight's kits are you?