Which of Squirrelflight's kits are you?
  • Hollypaw
  • Jaypaw
  • Lionpaw
You are racing into battle against an enemy clan. You know you can give some advice to a new apprentice who is going with you and some other warriors.
You keep going, "who listens to your advice?"
Give it to them. "Must be loyal to warrior code!"
Keep going. You're too excited about the battle to give advice.

Your clan needs fresh-kill badly. All of your friends and siblings are out on hunting patrol. Your leader told you not to go today. Tonight is the gathering. What would you do?
Go hunting, of course.
Stay in camp. Tonight is the gathering. I'd like to go.
See if I can go on border patrol (Sigh! Oh well.)

Pick a word that best describes you.

What Color are your eyes. (If none of these, pick the one you want as eye color)
Jay feather blue
Emerald green
Golden amber