Heatherclan is the clan that is willing to break rules for what they believe to be right. they eat rabbits and squirrels.


Leader :lionstar-golden  tabby tom

Deputy: Heatherfeather-pale tabby she-cat with violet eyes

Medicine Cat: honeypelt-pale bracken she-cat

Warriors: poppyflight-tortoiseshell  and white she-cat, amber eyes. cinderwing-grey tabby she-cat.Hollywhisker-black she-cat.. Apprentice,darkpaw.

Sightriver- large eyed tom, blue-grey pelt.Dustfur-dark brown tabby tom.Pineclaw-bright ginger she-cat. Apprentice, Wildpaw. Foxwhisker-dark ginger tom. Iceclaw-icy all white tom,foxwhisker's brother.

Apprentices:darkpaw-dark tom.wildpaw-calico she-cat

Queens: Heatherfeather-pale tabby with heather-like eyes, mother of cavekit, the son of Lionstar. 

Kits: cavekit- gray and blueish tom with navy blue eyes that seem so empty

Elders: none.