Jayclan is the clan of the disabled. they turn any weakness into a strength, whenever possible. they eat anything they can catch.


Leader:  Jaystar-gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Applewing- reddish bracken tom

Medicine Cat:Marshleap-bracken-black tom.

Apprentice, Frogpelt.

Warriors; Tawnyflight-tortoiseshell she-cat. green eyes. Thrushwhisker-pale brown tom.Nightsky-dark black tom. Wetleg- light grey tom, blue-grey stripes, creamy brown belly and

 chest. Apprentice, Loudpaw.  Orangestripe- orange tabby tom , amber eyes. Amberclaw- golden tabby tom. amber eyes. Dawnpelt-creamy brown she-cat. Apprentice,  Shadepaw.

Ratpelt-jet  black tom, red eyes. Thornstripe-golden brown tom. Spottedmoss-bracken she-cat, black patches.  Squrreltail- ginger she-cat with a long-furred tail. Fuzzypelt-long haired white

she-cat. Apprentice, Wildpaw. 



Apprentices: Loudpaw-dark brown and bracken tabby tom. Shadepaw-dark shadow-grey she-cat. green eyes.

Wildpaw-short-tailed dark brown tom with white paws, legs, chest, belly.

Queens:toadfur-bracken she-cat.

Kits:jumpkit-white tom.

Elders; LittleFur-very small tabby tom, formally the Medicine Cat.