Hollyclan are rule-followers; learning the warrior code to the utmost. they eat birds and mice.


Leader: Hollystar-black she-cat with green eyes
 Deputy: cherrystorm-bright ginger she-cat
Medicine Cat: littletree-light brown tabby tom, strangely connected with his sister wingfoot. Apprentice, milkpaw
  • wingfoot-blue-grey she-cat Apprentice, nightpaw. bouncebelly-ginger tom .
  • Rockfire-Black tom. Sorrelflight- tortoiseshell she-cat, amber eyes, white paws.
  • Petalflower-pale grey she -cat.
  • Cloverbelly -light brown she-cat with white belly and legs.
  • Rainpuddle-shiney blue-grey tom. Reedpelt-red she-cat
  • Dewheart-white she-cat with gray patches, blue eyes
  • Nightpaw black she-cat, bright green eyes.
  • Milkpaw- silky white she-cat
  • Horsepaw-chocolate brown tom with chocolate brown eyes
Queens: tinybird-small white she-cat.mintfur-grey tabby she-cat.
  • Firekit-ginger tom
  • Moonkit-black she-cat with a silver cresant moon birthmark on her chest
  • Sandkit-gold she-cat


  • echopelt-silver tabby she-cat, formally the medicine cat
  • sharpfang-dark ginger tom, formerly the deputy.